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The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes:

Trying to make a difference?
Responsibility is that your thing?

A few quotes from the video:
* “You adult have to change your ways’
* ‘We act as if we have all the time we want’
* ‘If you do not know how to fix it, stop breaking it’
* ‘Did you have to worry about these things when you were my age?’
* ‘We are all part of a family; one single world, one single goal’
* ‘Tell what you feel’
* ‘But really you are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters… you are children’
* ‘We are afraid to let go of some of our wealth’
* “You teach us how to behave and solve problems… then why do you do the things you tell us not to do’

Children have been scared about what changes in our world.

Responsibility is not rationalization afterwards.

To call upon people and not ‘society’ is an essential thing.

What is on your agenda?

You can search for yourself… have a so called (Maslov ‘highest level’) ‘meaningful life for your self.
Is it not time to organize your actions and deeds in a way that you can always look into your own eyes in the mirror?

There is not such a thing as society; society is an imaginary system, a refuge for pointing towards others instead of taking your own responsibility. We are living in the universe where we share and leave behind. Build and trust with the knowledge we have. Knowing that every moment will be new.

Life itself is a mystery at the very beginning and end, a wonder. The attempts to organize it as a system.. which so called democracy and ‘representative’ decision makers, with economical and so called ethical morals and values. This all in order to suggest that ‘humanity’ is responsible and building a society. Society as such is like dreadlocks, a fix pattern that does not allow the wind to go trough.

The system is so perfected that a lot of people in the west are always patriarchal on a disgusting level… as if they have a system that works.

You are the world and the universe. You and nobody else.
Attention, aesthetics and creation
are the means that make things happen

Be sure that you like to be insecure
You make a difference. You are the difference. Be the difference.

It is NOT marketing it is taking responsibility for sharing and being open to the wonder that life is and sharing it with art and real knowledge… what I refer to as being ….attention.