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Can we be in ‘rapport’ or do we need to login to a wave.

The simple thought pattern installed in children…
So what when it is about love…, the mind set, the frame work, the affirmations and incantations… that so colour the neurological network and define the direction of what they believe.

Maddi Jane. My daughter’s (10) new favourite, about love and hope… and betrayal. The funny thing here is that both sides of the relationship might adapt the song. Betrayal is the defined word. The one trying to deal with grieve, the other one justifying their ‘choice’. It will create a huge neurological network in the brains. It creates a framework of reference and a way to approach data and events.
To understand the wave, you need to be in that wave… perhaps. Or just look at it and make your decision.

Energy, vibration it is all about waves.
Waves are transporting systems. They can have a speed that determines how in-for-mation inside and outside the wave is allowed and transported. We have 100 million neurons and a huge internal wiring, 100 trillion neurological connections in our brains. This is just in the brains. We can and do educate brains. Next to that the universe is also approached and defined in waves. Is the universe what we ‘educated’ it to be, to suggest ‘understanding’?

Thought waves? Brainwaves? Airwaves? Connecting to reason, to people, to thoughts?
The good thing about this universe is that 2morrow is new.
The beautiful thing is the always new now.
The amazing thing: if you are not logged on to the right frequency… there is no telling what you perceive.
The funny thing is that in between frequencies there is no solid transportation of thoughts, energy of what so ever.
Mad: the moment enough energy or focus is on a certain frequency, a new wave will derive.
There is always some structure in the madness. But can we create new wavelengths… How do they come to exist?

This is a blog about the vocabulary and grammar that look like a wave.
It is about synchronisation, tipping points and cut-off phenomenon. Here only the practical side of it.

Let us look at waves in communication.
There is a military frequency and a civilian in the airplane industry. Perhaps nice to notice in life to if you want to communicate. So many different frequencies that are not approachable, when not logged on.

When you go to war: do not forget your mirror and look at your self every now and then.

A thing in communication people use is called “rapport” that creates a situation –more or less- that the relationship has such a dimension that the content is not questioned but accepted. In ‘Rapport’ people agree to disagree or agree. The ‘feel’ that the connection is the most important.
No content has any value when out of rapport.
In most situations we are ‘in’ rapport or do not need to have rapport in depth.

There are situations where communications and expectations go wrong. It happens in work situations; in relationships; with upbringing of children. Very often we can see people looking back and ‘noticing’ that –were the relationship was always so perfect- define it in their new now as ‘it has not been good from the beginning’. Justifying their choices in a nasty way. Hurtful and stupid I might say.

Most troublesome is it when people get out of rapport with themselves and others do not know how to deal with that. Grant peoples the attention to get back into rapport with them selves.

There are, as far as we know all kind of mechanisms in our brain that influence our perception (hypothalamus, amygdala). There are also other elements outside body. Peergroup, values, believes and such. Some knowledge about these mechanisms is and have been field of the much research.

I would like to introduce the fact that everything is energy. Waves, for that matter. Let us focus on that.

You and a friend can watch different films on T.V. that are transmitted on different channels. Listen to different channels on the radio. Be both on the phone without hearing the other on the other persons phone. Imagine other examples, there are a lot.

Airwaves an example:

A simple and nasty example: a civilian airplane. The crew from a military ship could know that the military frequency is not the same as a civilian frequency. It happened that the flight commander of the airplane that has been shot out of the air… could NOT have heard the commands that were given to return.
The state that the crew was on the ship is called “Red mist”. Red mist is a state, were people cannot control their perception anymore, being unrealistic determent. That calls for a crew, more people around you or a certain overacting role-playing.
They did not ‘see, perceive or notice’ clear facts and even interpreted the ‘facts’ according to their standpoint (selective perception or predisposition) and colour them completely. Nightmare as a result.

It is all about wavelengths
You know there are and will be a lot of different wavelengths.
Birds’ fly on frequencies and ‘know’ were they have to go. Sometimes flying thousands of Miles.

Get the right frequency or accept that there are different once and agree on that. (obviously not when there it is extremely dangerous)

Funny is it in top sport. There people –tour the France as an example- people utilize 1 isolated frequency in their scope and red mist. Or look at women in giving birth. They need the narrow focus to give birth, mean whilst utilizing on an internalized level the breathing and muscle techniques. That is for a short period of time towards a upfront very clear goal.

What to do to stay in an emotional state that is open for frequencies?

1. Awareness about the elements that are involved
2. Controlling your emotional state
3. Breath and take breaks by dissociating and stepping out of the picture
4. Shut down the external and internal Dialogue / monologue.
5. Discipline in what you think, do, install and how you control your thoughts and actions
6. Notice the triggers
7. Freeze the frame and dissociate and look with love and warmth to he movie

The thing to notice is:
Any given situation is for you yourself a unique moment.
Once out of rapport with yourself (!!!) or the other. STOP. No content anymore and disregard the words. Educate each other to proper etiquettes. Get back on track. If you leave it, do not destroy it.

There are people who forgive and use their brains, analyze the situations and look for a new situation of rapport (we are NOT looking at extreme behavior). One can be a failure one day and a hero the other.
Content there is context dependent and insecurity or fear can be wrongly cultivated.

In a lot of cultures people tempt to archetype behavior from others. As if there is an intention to be ‘bad’ or do the ‘wrong’ thing or make the ‘wrong’ decisions.
Not from ourselves, we always forgive ourselves.
Others freeze, make a slide show (from supposedly ‘similar behavior) of people and situations, isolate them and forget that there is a movie going on. Labeling is the technical term for that, in psychology
Isolating the frequency is an other way to put it.

Love is taking TIME and ATTENTION in order to please and serve.
Talking time, for your self, for others, for situations.
Mostly it is matter over mind.
Get the right energy. MOVE. Get the serotonin and endorphins running.
Look at people as if they were you.

Get back to the right wave and connect.

Disturbing examples (just a few in human communication). Important words: Mind set, cultivating, affirmating, incantating, framing of specific habits
• Mother is doing dyslexia thing. Her 4 children are specifically monitored on that aspect from her perspective. She seeks support with counsellors that she finds…
• Education above creativity or the other way around
• Money as security level number one, creating fear. Instead adaptation could be cultivated
• Being ‘authentic’ your self. The strangest one. Know yourself is about the mind and body. The responses. Being authentic is being able to connect and be open being in DELIGHT or being THE LIGHT
• Mistaken intuition for anything else than a self educated system

Notice again
Life is fragile and bigger than everything you can

The machine that controls the waves is much more complex then what comes out.

Learning is an essential thing. We as humans build up through experience and educate the brainwaves. We tweak our genetic and hormonal material. Animals relay more on their genetic material, being less impressed or tempted to BE SOMETHING outside what is building a connection and life.

You are an Angel that has the ability to log on to the right waves. You are the wave.