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fre ben ik dat

A Friday 3 weeks ago I was at Knowmads ( we educate change makers) in Amsterdam. It was a “what the fuck’ meeting. The marvellous Fre Hooft van Huysduynen ( was the speaker.

The session opened with a 22 years old young man. He started:
“I love being here and thank you all for the opportunity. I love learning, exploring and utilizing my potential. I love to create and co-create. Normal universities and schools do not appeal to me. I hate books and do not read them. I am an entrepreneur”.

Then he took us on a journey and showed what he was working on, a collection of very challenging, useful and rewarding projects.

A day later I was walking in the park with my dog Charlie.
A woman entrepreneur walked along with her dog.

I told her about the lovely initiative and meeting.
I quoted the young man:
“I hate books and do not read them”.

‘Huh’, she said…’No books, no knowledge, no studying?’
‘What do you think about that?’

That remark, that question, is perhaps one of the most damaging and needs to be reviewed.

I answered: nothing”. “I do not think anything about that. It is how it is.”

‘How is that possible’, she replied. ‘You must have an opinion about that.’

“I do not”, I said.