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This is not a short blog

The powerful WHY…

A few words on God, on Drones, on computers and on us…

Before we talk about God, the Greeks and Drones… let us address ‘The why’. An interesting question depending on when you ask it.

Good to asks yourself: When do you ask ‘the why’ question?

I have an almost ‘natural’ tendency to reject anything that is brought as moral or ethics. As I do believe that aesthetics is the only real valuable starting point in life. Never the less…:

If you want to destroy something… Question it! Your life, your relationship, your work, your health…. Start with the WHY questions, ask: why am I doing what I am doing? Why do I have this relationship? Why do I live? Why do I have no energy? After a few weeks you will experience the collapse. It is comparing and weighing without a point of reference or a picture of the ideal situation.

Look for: how could I, or how could we… Or what would I like to have.

The ‘why’ in that respect takes control over your actions in each and every case.
Now WHEN do you ask the WHY? Naturally you will get leverage within your system and being. For you repeat over and over again the same ‘believe’ mounting yourself up with details and convincers… that only you hear and that dictates your perception.

Obviously: we have the WHY as a life question. You will encounter the question sooner or later. The so-called ‘old souls’ dwell upon this philosophic poetic (19 century) theme. Why are we here? Who are we? They just cannot get over their mirror image…. Popping up and being there; then again ‘realizing’ not being anywhere else….

The more pragmatically people focus in the ‘why question’ more upfront. Why would I be here? What is my goal?

Meanwhile you can notice a turn in history. The important life questions are in the middle of the frame of attention of many. The after war generation picture of ‘happiness’ (mostly fulfilling their desire for quesi security): BBQ, sailing, a job, eating, drinking, working, ‘being there for the kids’ and ‘doing nothing’ was good enough for many bourgeoisie people but is not enough for the decent new generation people. The world has a lot to offer right now perhaps more then ever. Next to that adaptation to new realities are on your menu chard.

Give meaning to life in a wider perspective than serving the phantom that is called ‘society’ is very much a direction for many. They want to explore, discover, connect and share meaningful, looking at the heritage of their deeds. Enjoying not so much the hallucination of security, but more the enormous joy of the new nows.

So I sit with this very nice ‘Dutch guy’, born and raised in Iran. Working all over the world and living in California, a sensitive and smart guy. Computer specialist.

“In 2020 the computers will be able to think for them selves and make their own decisions. It will be out of our hands”.
The machines IOT (Internet of Things) will take decisions without us being able to influence it anymore. The refrigerator starts talking to the light and the light to the hoover… who in its turn talks to the internet and shuts it down….

Of course I start surfing on the internet (realizing that ‘they’ know what I am looking for). Of course we are in the web 3.0 areas. The ‘Drones’ I have seen and heard of, at least some of them. I read, listen and look: self-thinking Drones:

***In other words, in the very near future, automated flying robots, instead of human pilots, will make decisions on whether or not to launch an attack to annihilate human beings on the ground based on biometrics software.

To Reza I already responded: Cool, history repeats itself. We created the machines only without the framework of the moral. See the parallel.
God created the humans, gifted and able to make decisions. He was the example and point of reference. The complaints about the ability of ‘us’ humans are plenty. The word ‘Guilt’ as a feeling stepped into the universe with the God figure. It also touched God Himself, so Nietzsche proclaimed: ‘God died because of his pity for humans’.
‘Their’ (the humans… you might be one of them) behaviour was clearly out of his Hands.

Whether you believe in God or Allah or Yahweh or Dharma or Vishnu or not… The story about Adam and Eva is one to think about in this context. God created them in order to live in harmony with nature and the world.
They were in paradise, happy, nude, open and clearly delighted. Let us look at the story from this angle: God asks NOT to eat from the tree of knowledge: Do NOT asks why things or you are here, but do something good with it. (Read Preacher along the line about vanity). The ‘Why question’ was the reason they were thrown out of paradise. Sorrow and Guilt remained.
The rest is history, the believers would state. Beautifully illustrated by Masaccio.

One might say: the suggestion of the ability to think and decide autonomous gave the sense of achievements and the results became the effect for the EGO. As a group they were (and are) capable of design their own interpretations and argumentations…. with often scary results.

The rational thinking thing, funny, became a ‘western’ tradition. So ‘power’ as reference, argumentation and refuge was born. Of course helped by the Greek virtue thinking of the Plato character. A mystic ‘moral’ followed, based on myths and sages.
Always this ‘hope’ and desire for ‘the perfect virtue’ and the ‘good and bad’ (are not all movies based on that theme?) with the so- called notion of causality… enter rationalisation in hindsight.

Enter also the labelling, oh thanks Aristotle, as if anything exists without context or for that order, could be seen as such. Helped and supported by the Freud character, -a joke within himself-, who addressed the so-called ‘unconsciousness’ as a trashcan instead of a goldmine full of potential. (Very useful for incompetent parents)

All in all the trance of social conditioning found its way. The suggestion that the thinking thing ‘Socratic’s why’, gave the feeling that talking creates appreciation and life…. Cool… and idiotic.
And at any rate, looking back at history –with many a not very elegant outcomes due to human choice- when seen from the point of view of God: he said: Love…., it is about time to stop the ‘why am I here and why am I doing’ questions and make better choices.

‘Preservation’ of what we have take energy out of everything (also very much Plato and many other religions: the struggle between the so called material and immaterial). Move! Everything is vibration and energy.

Is it in that respect the ‘control’ question? Science has proven that the neuro-physical-emotional conditioning creates pathways that are like trains in the night. Were the windows limits the view outside, they become more mirrors that reflect the self and reinstalls what one already ‘sees’ as truth.

More and more we realize that this why, does not function very well. Except for male energy… talking and analyses. Thereby if a subject is not on the menu of our historical perception, it is ‘history’ anyway.
So let us add the desire for the acknowledgement of the imperfection of rationalisation if done without decent reasoning and facts. But with Reagan: Facts are stupid things if called upon…

The WHY question one should turn into a HOW question. How can I get there or how can I do it? With a manifest striving for sharing and connecting.

For we know: The connection is the satisfaction, the satisfaction not the connection.

That is what we need a grammar and vocabulary for. To end the nitwits chitchat.

Trouble in paradise: preservation is conditioning and not growth…. We know that.

Things and the world are developing and ask WHY you would do things, before hand and not afterwards.

So back to the WHY
• First get into the peak state of performance
• Only take important decisions when you feel GOOD
• Be up time: look outside and around you….NOT inside yourself
• Create an image of what you want…Vivid in each and every way
• Create an image of the feeling and result for you and the world around you
• Turn in question in the HOW to get there
• Walk back from the outcome, determine the actions
• So do not do the observation thing other than to create, live and value beauty.
* Appreciate and be grateful. The famous NOW. The now will be new.
• Realize: Your world gets bigger the more associate and experience
• Practice the alpha state
• Remember it is: Matter over mind: serotonin, endorphins, are just examples
• Any outcome is just a station, not the end result
• Any focus and behaviour should be on creating and sharing

So we know a few things, just trough experience: happy people see happy things; unhappy people see unhappy things and most people who are about to die are most grateful.

It stays: happy people do not ask why in the analytic way. The word ‘happy’ I would like to replace for peak state. People who accept the emotional state they are in and know how to turn it into their desired peak state.

And if you are bored, if something does not go the way you want: serve again and make it happen or leave for a while in a decent way. Look at a fly, a spider, a bird, at the hands, the wrinkles, notice the fragility and the complexity of every living creature.
Inspire and create.

Still we are part of history, as always, in the make. Where will the ‘internet of machines’ (without the ‘moral’) bring us? Was it God that was playing dice? Or are we?

Our intuition, way beyond the material perception will get more and more attention. Our intention and attention have to be aligned in each and every second.
Meanwhile we will now that we have to re-educate our perception of security and love insecurity as the essence of life.
Connect to that.

My friend Hosen says: “Computers can not be smarter then us. We created them’
I looked at him. And said: ‘That is what God thought, it is not the brains but the way energy and vibrations flows and where our attention goes…. The energy goes…

So direct your energy

It is not about being smart. it is about connection to things and uncontrolled actions.