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The Olympics
These games require from us the use our potential and mind, in each and every way.

Do not try to catch up with reality. Create one.

The times of morals, psychologising and framing are over, so it seems… or so I do hope…
Psychology as being involved in explaining… the ‘past’ or behavior…is a killing joke that cannot produce solutions and is at the level the living room conversation…
The curse of the 19e century approach to the world… is over…. The philosophy (‘the Will’, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard ect), clinical psychology (James, Skinner ect); Psychiatry (Freud), Sociology (Comte, Spencer)
The ‘founding’ of economics (Mill), nationalism and other ism’s; and let us not forget our Darwin, they created a sort of slang… at least here in Western Europe…

Let me be clear there is a lot of good ‘stuff’ in these ‘sciences’. But…

The vocabulary of many people became filled with words that refer to this society related ‘stuff’. The individual was put in reference to ‘the society’. ‘The ‘meaning of life’ seemed more and more a society related thing.

As of 2000 (viva internet and spreading knowledge) these things are really over for a large new group of people. The stimuli are many and the responses… Yeb many responses…to many is the right phrase…to respond. Now it is about making choices and using your brains.;

The suggestion of the possibility to create a ‘society’ and be a hero in that ‘society’ were the main issues.
There were ‘theories’, explanations… these became ‘instructions’ for many… a frame of reference for even more…

Taught at school, in families, at works… often almost as a moral. With Korzybski (science and sanity): the map is not the territory… many maps became territories.

Now there are so many maps, that it seems that there is neither enough time nor territory in the heads to pay attention to it.

The best heroes are heroes for one day and for a limited group.

Is that the life I want to give to my child? No! She can and will discover her connection o life, people, the planet and the universe… not only ‘the society’.

It is the time for ETHICS, AESTHETICS and KNOWLESS, an intelligent and elegant way to look and treat our senses, sensitivity and sensibility. There is something to learn
What you think to know, often limits you.

Concentrate on HOW we perceive things; how we transform the in-for-mation (it is always in formation); and what we do with it.
We now have to give meaning to our very own acts and heritage. Involving elegance and dignity at the highest level. You cannot hide behind aphorisms anymore.

Input is output. Change the rule, adaptation the skill, art the approach, elegance shown in how you share.

There are no excuses in that field any more. There is a lot of knowledge and it grows about ‘how to treat the system called you’; ‘how to balance the life’, ‘create the right setting and surrounding’; ‘initiate and share the activities and utterances’. Use it!

In top sports this is not the exception but the rule! Food, drinking, resting, alpha training for concentration, resting, work out, developing muscle memory, conditioning on flexibility, the team, the coaching, the mind work, the focus, the elements, the material, monitoring, the colors, the clothing, the communication and on and on.

The art of living and living in an artistic way with the focus on what you can achieve.
At the Olympics There are 7 billion people as the audience; about 10.500 athletes who are mostly there for themselves.

It is not the time of the ‘ego’ and ‘see-me’ any more. It is what you deliver and how you perform with using the knowledge and knowing your possibilities and limitations.

Ergo: using your brain in a proper way. Not as a worrying machine, but as a co-creator.

You know much more than you think. And our brains function the best in action when they are focused…. After decent ‘thinking’ and awareness of the elements that play a role…
It is not the choice between the monkey and the angel anymore. Exit dualism
Our future is our heritage and not vice versa. Things are non linear and synchronicity the rule.

Use your potential to create and share.
Stop doing the management talk thing and rationalisation with ambiguous clinical and social psychology
It is time for recipes that work, share them.

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