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So the end of time did not come for the entire planet at 21 -12- 2012

Or was it like X-mas and New Year a wake up call to what is and what has gone?

During that day still a lot of people exchanged the temporary for the eternal.

Blaise Pascal 1672:
‘As men are not able to fight against death, misery, ignorance, they have taken it into their heads, in order to be happy, not to think of them at all’.

So we color the days, as he said in ‘running’ away from the ‘awareness’ or ‘thinking’ around departure…

Everything in form and shape comes and goes.
Nothing repeats itself nevertheless. Each and every moment is new.
A new child is born everyday. That child is also you.

Is life about finding out what life is about? What it means?
Or is it about you giving meaning to life in your actions, trough all your senses?

To connect is the ability to share gratitude for each moment, detail, each segment. Paying attention!

It is not about good or bad or even right or wrong.

Being grateful is about knowing without the so-called ratio, it is experiencing and connecting.

The inability to (re)connect to what is really out there with everything that is in you…. -in the moment it is happening- is often done by ‘opinions’. Your biggest friend is your self talk. It can be your enemy to.

The question of all times is perhaps: who is the commander of your internal dialogue, your self talk?
You? Or others?

Humanity has been through all ages, been overwhelmed with ‘belief systems’ and opinions’ of others. Economists; religious ideas; politics; family; and on and on. Now the ‘journalists’ and internet have taken over at the speed of light. That makes everything very small and only for a few moments important.

Freedom, one would say. The everyday life is now in charge.
Your heritage lies in your deeds.

The essence of things lies in sharing. You share.
It has been said: we model; we copy and learn that way.
Might be, might be…
Life is a form of craftsmanship in that respect.
And we know about craftsmen: they work on the smallest details and always try to improve and learn from their mistakes.

They are the creators and want to share the beauty of their creation. They enjoy the process.

Your ability to a decent goodbye or farewell to moments, years, events, relationships, jobs and simple things is probably the most evident proof of dignity and understanding the essence.

The fragility demands a few things

• Using your brains
• Controlling your emotional state when needed
• Experiencing your senses
• Being without anger
• Know what is your feeling and what the opinion of others
• Looking at the process and the relationship in terms of the connection
• Most of all learning to farewell moments, people and things with warmth in your heart, it is always just for a moment. Otherwise it will hunt you forever.

Life is a piece of art
Be the grateful craftsman/woman
And cherish with a smile