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Go to Documenta!!! There i read… this poem.
Great energy, great inspiration, discover … be there. We are art and we create art, we are do perception and select… if you freeze any selection out of what you call reality …let it create a warm connection and therefor be art.

the poem:

i know

i should be


it is about essential
and elements

as if it was
is space
that is creating

it self

whilst being for moment
in connection

just being

and lifted up
the reality

that so often is none

for others then the ones who see

she longed to be
out there but

she could not

she says

so she turned around
we noticed the fine line that art in its view brings

being a start

without an ending

until what they


dressed to kill

any space
and frame it into a picture

might help to move on
or touch what is there