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I have send a link to a friend of mine:

From one of the TED talks, currently in Holland (tedx Amsterdam).

The reply was:

He’s funny – but what do people do with it ultimately?

A good question. So I said:


That is the key word

For science, for action

To get a better life (the most important things in life are not things… (yet))

Or as I call it….   VUJA DE

(what have you not noticed yet that was there and gives you possibilities for a new insight and better control)

And just fulfillment of the need for development, innovation and creating new things

That is basically where my work is based up on

To look at new angles, see new possibilities in how to approach life and make the best out of

Education…Life….Perception… medicine… nature…

One might say:

It is the same as going to a movie. A new restaurant, a new show, finding new designs in art, reading a book…

But here it is

Applied science

And technology and science is THE NEW thing

As a human race we obviously have the feeling (or notion) that development , discovering new things

Connecting and sharing information, knowledge and inventions is something that has to go on after or next to school/university

It is about medicine, nature, energy and matter

In this case people learn from it, apply it into education systems and learn from methods

Another few good things;

being curios to expand the knowledge there is, you have. To connect and utilize what is out there and in you. It is time to stop searching for yourself and really explore life’s possibilities.