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There was the TED  event in Amsterdam november the 20th



Collaboration and compassion

The ideas are like stars in space, they light up a universe and give a sense of direction by night

 The effect …

we all hear sounds, we see images and get exited, feel the connection with others, with ourselves and the unleashing of warm inspiration

that takes us further in creating, experiencing and embracing possibilities

there where laughter and respect count, involved and just

 There where impressions 

 We are not alone… A part does not exist alone, a holon is part of a whole.. clearly into the unsolved ‘stuff’ the Nico Baken. Modest in a everyman fashion proves to have part of us all. You are both a part and a part of a bigger structure…A fine thought to elaborate on

 Ohh paradox, a machine like man… the universe gives back what we give… only in what way… try to get everybody’s focus in one direction in the media and see a beautiful little son who explores individuality and life.. seemingly completely isolated from his father’s groups earnings

Gary Carter has learned to kiss and pay attention valuing differences…You are you, not the marketing target group but high sensory awareness for the beauty of all elements. Never 2 late 2 open up for a kiss

  InSects on a tie and chocolates to prove that the best protein are in worms and insects… Marcel Dicke, there goes our western view on food if we analyze what is in our peanut butter.

 Surely NOT miss Piggy, Christien Meindertsma, presented her beautiful book finally showing the true value of a Pig’s life. Now you know that  PIG 05049 has created an ID for more than him (or her) self.

 How to not have an ego and be playful with a vivid sense of humor and beautiful creative approach to Architecture and life itself. The prefect host on stage combines humor with talented craftsmanship. Bjarke Ingel, cool and renewing.

 The Minister Frans Timmermans, proves that Politicians are great actors and can have an opinion. In a Shakespearian approach to life he has a strong point in enjoying the value of fear

 Mark Kamau shows with proud dignity the enormous power of belief and trust, an example for every human being

  The decent man with eye for culture and the world the ‘KIT’ on the block Jan Donner, revels that we can only have a future if we collaborate by doing

 Mother earth was there.. Louise Vet, dancing over the stage in circles full of the right energy to challenge you to challenge us in doing different and enjoy using your shit in a economical way

 Gerhard Knies, with German precision entering the desert and valuing the sun in each and every way to light up our existence

  The lovely high heeled princes, emotional passionate ..shared her thoughts and vision  in her wishes for a better world.. 5 steps and eager to tell us to have patience with 4 steps to follow, Miss Mabel connected

 The perfect every day next door neighbour approach on video; Alain de Botton does not sell or tell, he attracts by being and triggers us to be us

  The rabbi as preacher, Soetendorp, with eyes closed almost foam on his mouth collaborating on the wish to realize peace OPEN up and share love. IN that respect also sharing Karen Armstrongs wish for compassion

 A seemingly tiny dwarf in a to big ‘bar stool’ with stories that giant thinkers have Kevin Kelly… knows about the kingdoms of life and added, finally we have.., the 7th: technology

 Nauty, sexy and briljant the singer Karsu Dönmez and her elegant Violin player  with no  name know to the audience…shared her ‘idea’ creating passion and flow beyond words and showing what talent, fun and commitment can bring

A picture paints more than a thousand words… he drops his Versace Jacket over the time clock being authentic in sharing instead of proving  as playful nonchalant as can be Hans Aarsman

The Sounds from Merlijn Twaalfhoven, the lovely singing and his vision on art and life brought the feeling in the room of being connected beyond words

MTV closed the whole thing a little man, ‘perhaps not smart but with the biggest head’ Tony Disanto made clear that true passion connects to new ideas and visuals

 The astronaut. Okkels, the connector hoping for that people can hear what has been said and come to act upon it… although he gives the impression that he ‘knows’ that the moment we label it we capture it in a new frame…

there will be more un entered space opening around the new label… hoping that what is said will be heard and wondering what can and will be next and on the other hand  already is

Note: time is not important here


It is as if everyday life is yet about to be connected to wonderful and playful thoughts/ideas/pictures and smiles

the sharable has one thing in common: