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Dear Reader, thanks for visiting my website. Probably you know I am a Trainer/life-coach assisting you to bring the best out of you. Realise your talents, desires and wishes both in your personal (love) life and in business.  You are 1 phone-call away from a life changing decision to really own your life and actions. 

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Knowless: Smarter Thinking and Doing

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How to increase intelligence by thinking less Knowless is about where your attention goes. How your brain and perception work and how you can control that. A masterclass about communication, belief, knowledge, perceiving, emotions, choosing and deciding.

The most important “system” is your body. You live in it and you move with it. Knowing yourself is first of all to know what and how you perceive. Watching and Controlling the factors which are important very well. Knowless focuses on the proceeding of perception, from recognizing until action starts. How you let that process proceed and how you can control it. How it leads to new knowledge, emotions, experiences, wishes and ideas, which initiates behavior in its own manner. What you let inside. Opinions, marketing, advertising, hypnosis, trance, are all factors which you influence consciously and unconsciously. Control it to get rest to be able to think smarter to decide in an authentic way.

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The Power of Insecurity

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Make sure that you feel secure enough to be insecure A special masterclass about how insecurity makes you stronger and how creativity and innovation stimulates.

The management of your insecurity decides what you do, inspirit and what you make of yourself. Having the liberty to choose requires control. The organization of your choices and by what your choices are influenced. You are responsible for what you do, what you get and what you make of your life. Insecurity is one of the most important driving force and hence a force which can stimulate you or slow you down. Lots of people are controlled by their irrational fears and motives. The result of the masterclass is that you filter out the positive effects and that you get the control of your work and personal life.

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The Art and Science of Seduction

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Create impact and get applause A masterclass about Sprezzatura, -effortless spontaneity- presenting, ethics, etiquette, perception, seduction, effectivity, interpretation and pleasure. Actually you could say: selling yourself, your product, your feeling and your idea. However worthy, elegant and authentic, but temptation is more…, being human in a commercial and private manner.

More than ever it seems important that you take the control of your personal life, your relationship with your environment, your communication and your career. Live deliberately, design your own life and make use of your possibilities and chances. Elegant and worthy. Train and experience how you can design your life yourself according to your own taste, so that you can realize an improvement of your living quality.

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TURBO Practitioner SOIL/NLP: Breaking Habits. Time for YOUR life

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The foundation in perception and communication. Give yourself a boost, refocus and make projects work. A seminar about your love life, your career, your finances, your intuition and more of life’s themes. The perfect journey in which you learn the best communication techniques.

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Becoming Who You Are By Doing It Yourself (Dutch Book)

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A Do-Book which helps you to make the right choices in your work and private life. Your life asks you to use your emotions and skills in a smart way to apply them to get a nice and successful life. The flow of influences and others impressions from the outside are infinite.

This book will help you to manage these influences. A couple of times a year you should take a break to write down your personal life and business plan on paper like in the world of artists, film makers, politics, event organizers, successful athletes and businessmen.

This book gives you the pull to do it yourself, without the opinion of “tests and other psychological guide”.

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The Hospitality Revolution

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Cor’s latest book which will be released later this year, about the logic of serving and how to make the serving attitude your own. Themes include:

  • A new world community
  • Share and sensory experience
  • Be The Light and everybody will be in Delight

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Recipes for Happiness

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A Dutch book all about the revolution of yourself: your mindset, the structure, the point of view and practical recipes. You are doing things, now is the time to make it visible for the world and share your legacy.

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Other books written by Cor

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Groeien door Doen (Growing by Doing) Extremely practical self-assessment book for your next step in your job and in your workplace.

Oorzaken en een begin (Causes and a Start): A philosophical book in poetic style. Cor was 21 years old when he wrote this. Inspiring and refreshing.