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Seminar Practitioner SOIL/NLP

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A 9 day seminar. The perfect journey

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Your tourguide and host: Cor van Leeuwen

International well renowned trainer and life style coach
Street wise and university smart

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The newest type of holiday: a life-changing journey ‘Altering reality as you know it’

Boost up your system, refocus and make a project work. The almost latest thing was the NOW. Attention and passion, for the small details that are there. Making the world smaller. Like a hologram, a part is the whole and the whole is to be found in every part. So being in everything and everywhere… aware… or ‘mindless’ at the same time. Beyond consciousness as a method to reveal what is happening.

No more searching for the why, but focus on how to connect.

Very surprising how lots of people go back to yoga and the learning state in a world that is almost completely run by technology.

The almost latest…. Is even cooler.

Now we leave the searching for the self… and take it one step further. And want to expand the now in some direction….

There is another label: holistic….

A the-rapist today: “I am not a therapist… the body from other people come to me and tell me what is blocked. I free them, and make energy flow. I got a calling to work like this”.

The foundation of their experience: the school of life and their ‘gifted personality’. So they leave the every day attempt to be meaningful “you can only serve when you are happy yourself’ so they are very happy with themselves and (yes yes) their peer group.

The real smart ones integrate everything: science, lifestyle techniques, communication insights and owner ship over the heritage.

SOIL (Science Of Intuitive Living) provides that.

So we moved from various religious believe systems to the humanistic school, to the psychiatrists, to the psychologists (in different schools) to the coaches, facilitators to the nothingness people into the tantra and energy up tot his holistic realm.

Fascinating: Conversations with God, being God, following God, Body, mind, mind set, mindless, bodiless, cognitive, basis believes, energy and focus, time line, NLP, shamanism, Ayurveda

It is all over and still there.



A trainer must entertain and use all experience and knowledge to provide you with a memory that is a firm anchor in your life.

You come as A and leave as B. Simple.

Shaking up the body and mind to refocus and step into a new universe.

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That must be the effect of a seminar

Let’s be honest…

Any story grasps us, if it’s entertaining… vivid … serving our senses… we drift away on clouds unknown to others… but still awakening a state that reveals openness to new experiences…. And yes… connections…

Everything is real and therefor reality.

So knowing that… how big is your world? Jam-packed with  ‘realities, opinion’s and facts’ or a mere circle of experiences that suggests uplifting for a brief moment?

You want to be fulfilled? You want to live life in perfect harmony? Satisfying your senses? Be pleased that your desires are met instantly?

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‘Mood… activity… level… all tangible

Sensors reacting depending on our needs….’

Sounds like what is happening in a hedonistic world; without ‘us’ noticing it… Being ‘served…’ to what extent or price?

Or do you want to share your experiences, making that the driving discovering part of your existence…?

In the overflow of what is offered you like to have points of reference.

A good tourguide works there.

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Practical information

Date: 23 November – 1 December
Location: To be announced (West-Europe)
Price: € 1560,- excl. VAT


Course Content

What will you learn?

If you already have a Licensed NLP Practitioner AND Master Practitioner qualification then this is the ideal way to become a recognised coach. There are six main modules to this course.


  • What is Life Coaching?
  • What is Business Coaching?
  • What is the difference between Coaching, Therapy, Counseling and NLP?


  • Using the Power of Basic and Advanced Questioning Techniques
  • Clarifying Goals, Objectives and Values
  • Designing Effective Action Plans
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Creating Effective Relationships with Clients


  • Developing Creativity with Clients
  • Using Metaphors and Stories to Transform Attitudes
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • Eliminating Fear of Failure
  • Accelerated Thinking Skills
  • Understanding the Power of Language and how to use it
  • The Importance of Self-Efficacy Beliefs
  • Reframing Challenges
  • 6 Keys to Behavioural Change


  • Communication Qualities 1: Voice, Body, Posture, Dress
  • Communication Qualities 2: How to create a Powerful and Likeable Impression


  • Managerial / Leadership Skills
  • Coaching Different Kinds of Staff
  • The Principles of Motivation
  • Morales and Ethics Of Coaching
  • Feedback Skills


  • Stress Management
  • Sales Skills
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Character, Identity and Reputation
  • How to set up

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The new journey seminar

Let us look at elements:

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DIY is fun

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Creating: is there a hand-out for that? Can you learn it?

We are being socialized all our lives with the grammar of what is called ‘the society’ (as abstract as possibly can be…, but without the need for unfold what is behind it….)

We get thoughts how to do and act. Morals, ethics that a lot of people fight with all there lives.

The ‘life thing’ is a harsh one.

It steps in right where you leave the ego go.

It is where you are connected at such a deep level that ‘awareness’ ‘consciousness’ and more of those generalized paradigms do not count any more.

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That is an attitude thing. A mind set

Altered states with high-level sensory acuity are where passion and desire framed surface… at least if directed to serve

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Art is very much connected to science. Finding the right materials

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Interesting is the ability to receive. To acknowledge the other and thank your self that you can thank them


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Obviously the one step stone to real empathy



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